FullSizeRender-4I am Saloni Gupta. I am 19 years old and live in America. This is my first every blog so I am so excited to start sharing a new part of my life with you! My life is just so random and crazy and I have all these random little quarks about me that I just feel that it is time to share this side of me on the internet. My goal for this blog is to spark inspiration from things I try to make up (and try to make “hipster” or tasty), but also be my voice of escape.
A sort of safe space where I can voice my thoughts, rant to the world, and thank God for such an amazing life He has given me. Writing has never truly been my thing, so a lot of what you are about to read may sound completely bizarre and you might think it’s time for me to go back to 6th grade English and learn my grammar all over again…(I mean seriously I still don’t know the difference been affect and effect), but I hope all my crazy mistakes will make you laugh and feel smarter than me.

[time to get personal.]

I am a complete potato sack at home…seriously… I love to watch Netflix (I have honestly watched everything so if you have any suggestions let me know pronto!) and eat everything in my pantry and daydream that my life will turn out as amazing as Haley and Nathan’s. However, when I am not thinking about how Michael will escape prison…once again (omg Prison Break season 5…like can we all just have a PB party & eat popcorn all night?) I absolutely adore being with my family taking trips to Costco (those free sample..need I say more?). I seriously have the best family in the world and their drive to give me the best life in the world is what pushes me to be the best daughter in the world. They are the ones who I consult every life decision with and are the first ones to know every happy (and sad) moment in my life. My friends, wow I seriously have the most spectacular friends in the universe. They are who I jam out in the car with, watch the most craziest and (weirdest…vacation??) movies with and who I can truly be myself around. fullsizeoutput_d12I live my crazy adventures because of them. So being in my prime age of college & all that, learning is also a big part of life at the moment. When I am not partying it up and making every college night one to remember (just kidding… I am too lame to go to all the parties…I am more of a, “hey let’s go get ice cream and watch movies in bed sorta gal) I am hard at work with my eyes glued to a computer screen and trying to memorize crazy derivatives and repeatedly typing words like System.out.println…. I am a computer science  major so basically I life my life on the computer, its fine, I’m fine. In all seriousness I absolutely love what I am majoring in and can’t wait to contribute to the world with my Java (I always think of Starbucks when I say that…speaking of Starbucks, does anyone else miss the Mocha Cookie Crumble??) skills and more computer sciencey stuff!

[thank you.]

Well, that’s it for now in this weird bio, I give you a pat on the back for reading through all that (truly speaking…I had no idea what I was even supposed to write in here… I mean my life is not that interesting besides once again the Netflix and eating). I want to thank you for clicking around on my blog, it oh so truly means the world to me. I can not wait to share my adventures with you and hope to brighten your day by making you laugh & inspire you through my imagination!

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  1. decasualgirl says:

    An amazing start!
    Do checkout mine! 🙂

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    1. Saloni Gupta says:

      Thank you! And oh my goodness your blog is amazing!

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      1. decasualgirl says:


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool blog

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